Denmark Designed A Robot To Conduct Corona Test


According to the latest reports, Danish researchers have developed a robot that can test the infection of Covid-19.

While a large number of health workers and other warriors are engulfed in the war against Corona, Denmark has found a successful solution. The University of Southern Denmark announced that they have developed the world’s first fully automatic robot that is capable of testing COVID-19. Because of this, health workers can directly avoid coming in contact. And hence they are not exposed to the risk of infection.

How Robot Works

Researchers who built this robot mentions that to detect coronavirus infection in a person, from blood tests to swab tests all are conducted. The swab test is sampled by placing a long earbud-like swab inside the nose or throat, and then after taking a sample, the robot itself puts the swab in the jar and closes it with a lid.  And then the sample is collected in a jar. According to the reports these robots are proving to give quite accurate details. The biggest feature of this robot is that it is designed with the help of a 3D printer.

The report says that currently a team of ten researchers, including Theusius Rajit Sawaramuthu, were involved in making this robot. And this robot is still under construction.

Ever since this deadly epidemic started taking the world under its control, the World Health Organization has been insisting on getting more and more tests done. But conducting more tests can also affect the health workers. In fact, till now many health care workers are also in the grip of this deadly virus. In such a situation, this robot can prove to be very helpful. Professor Rajit says that this robot will benefit not only in the case of coronavirus but also in other such diseases occurring in the future.

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