Tina Dutta Denies Being A Part Of Big-Boss: Wrote a Love Letter

It is been told that Tina Dutta will be Participating in the most talked-about controversial show Big-boss14. But the actress replied this...
Infotainment Desh VS Videsh! Know The Sad Harsh Truth Of Indian Culture, See...

Desh VS Videsh! Know The Sad Harsh Truth Of Indian Culture, See Images

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India is a land of vast variety with people ranging from even the most stereotypical societies but what’s more wonderful about these societies is their culture which teaches them to be proud about themselves and spread the glory, but really? Is Indian culture that sympathetic? According to some national level research, around thousands of dowry and discrimination cases are registered every year.

So is this really what Indian Culture Teaches? Maybe that’s why the problem of brain drain exists and some people like the Videshi culture more. So now let’s take a look at this brief comparison between Desi and Videshi culture and see where our country lags behind?

1. The Real Before Marriage Rituals

Indian culture Dowry

2. A Living Human, The Better Vacuum Cleaner. Just One Slap It Takes To Fix It In Case Of Any Malfunction

Indian culture vacuum cleaner

3. You Want F.R.I.E.N.D.S.? I Think You Spelled It Wrong, It’s ‘E K T A  K A P O O R’

Indian culture TV shows

4. Mother: Such A Great School, Gives Takes Food Free Of Cost

Indian culture schools

5. HAHAHA!!! Damn, Kapil Sharma Is Such A Great Politician

Indian culture politcians

6. India Really Needs To Improve The Meaning Of The Word ‘BETI’

Indian culture daughters

7. “Mai Toh Hu Bada Aadmi, Pehle Haath Kabhi Nahi Badaunga”

Indian culture bada aadmi

8. “Pyaar Karne Walo Ki Kabhi Har Nahi Hoti” True! They Always Reach Their Destiny

Indian culture love

9. Mom: My Son Is So Good, He Waters Our Plants Every Day. What A Lovely Child!

Indian culture watering plants

10. Family: How Dare You Even Exist Without Our Permission!

Indian Culture people

Seeing these pics, some negative comments may rise in people’s minds against social media but think, if these are really false then why are these so much irritating?

Source: Doodlers

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