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Infotainment Detect a Lie With These Simple Tricks In Your Daily Life

Detect a Lie With These Simple Tricks In Your Daily Life

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#1 Liars avoid Mentioning Themselves- Take an example of our childhood when we did something wrong and told our mom that “mom I don’t know who came there and broke your favourite cup”. Yes! exactly liars never mention themselves.

#2 A Liers Speech Attitude is Negative- A lier will always blame others for a mistake done by him. Such example is that if you are not able to come home on right time you will say you father ” papa there’s a traffic jam and I don’t know why people don’t follow rule may be the traffic police is not good, it’s not my fault”.

#3 Liar’s Explanations About Mistakes Are Simple- Usually, a human brain can think easily for common situations like ‘ why you were failed in this exam than a common lier will simply answer that the exam was out of syllabus” because their brain refuses to think about complicated lies.

#4 A Lier Uses Confusing Wordings- Despite Simple explanations, liars use complicated and intricate sentence structure, unnecessary words and insignificant but plausible sounding that help them inflate their deceit. Probably this is explained by them being unsure if they can tell the truth. Or they are trying to hide something. To know the truth be attentive to overloaded structures in some unnecessary words.

#5 Unnecessary Details In Simple Story- Just imagine a situation that your girlfriend or boyfriend forgot to meet you and now making pretences to defend. He/she will say ” sorry I was busy because I just went to the market to purchase tomatoes and Cheese to make dinner but I met the friend he said me to go with him for a dinner, he took me to his place and we ate rice there” and so on.

So, with these signs, you can simply detect someone if he/she is speaking truth or not. But exceptions are always there. So, if you are not able to find the truth with these tricks just look into the eyes of the person because eyes never lie.

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