News Dharamshala Will Be The World's First City To Implement Skyway Transport System

Dharamshala Will Be The World’s First City To Implement Skyway Transport System

Dharamshala is going to set the new world record by becoming the first city to have suspended “skyway” transport system. The project will become working within three years. On Tuesday, Urban Development Minister Sudhir Sharma said: “The plan is to complete all formalities over the next couple of months and then immediately start work on the project.”

Skyway transport system
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According to the Business Insider, A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Himachal Pradesh government and Belarus-based company Skyway Technologies is signed. The practicality of a high-speed “skyway link” between Dharamsala and Shimla was also being studied.

Sharma further added: “The suspended cars on the skyway can run at a speed from 50 to 500 kilometers per hour. Since not much land is required, acquisition won’t be a problem. The system can be used for the passenger as well as freight traffic. So, it would help in reducing congestion and pollution as well as offering an efficient and cheap mode of transport.”

Dharamshala skyway transport system
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“We have also talked to Skytech Technologies to set up a manufacturing plant in India, which would lead to some cost-cutting as well.”

The project would cost Rs 38 crore per kilometer and according to the minister, “What we want to do in Dharamsala has already been implemented and verified.” (as the demonstration unit set up in Belarus).

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