Dharma Productions Suffers Loss Worth Rs 20 Crore And Kicked Out Kartik Aryan From The Film

The recasting of Dostana -2 is confirmed, but the bad news is that the actor Kartik Aryan who was supposed to the part of the film. Will no longer appear in the film. Know the reason what exactly happened.

There is nothing new about actors getting replaced from films. As this has been going for ages. But this time the filmmakers have dropped a star in the middle of the film. And that is none other than Karan Johar who has dropped Kartik Aryan from the middle of the film Dostana-2. Kartik is no wonder a Bollywood heartthrob and now after this news. It has left several tongues wagging.

So what’s the reason behind this?

As per the close source, it was revealed that Kartik was removed from the middle of the film due to his ‘unprofessional behavior’. As he was showing up tantrums, regarding the second part of the script. According to the news portal when it was asked a source said that the loss rounds up to 20 crores. After Kartik Aryan made an exit from the film. And Karan Johar and Dharma Productions have to incur a loss worth several crores after removing Aaryan from ‘Dostana 2’

The source also mentioned that Aaryan’s ‘tantrums’ were intolerable for the filmmaker Karan Johar and hence he dropped him in the middle of the film. Although he knew that he had to incur a loss. But in spite of this. He preferred to remove him rather than tolerating his tantrums. Also, the actor created problems for his dates for the upcoming shoot of ‘Dostana 2.’ when it was asked from the KWAN, (the agency that manages Kartik). The production house also had no specific answer. And hence it made Johar angry.

As per the information gathered the actor was not satisfied with the script. And caused trouble regarding the script. However, the sources quoted that “Dharma Productions did not make any change in the script which Kartik Aryan heard before signing the film. While Dharma Productions made its statement. The Love Aaj Kal actor is yet to respond back to the allegations.

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