Priyanka Chopra Shares Frustration On Hathras Gang-Rape

Priyanka Chopra shared a heartbreaking note about the girl in Hathras Uttar Pradesh who was brutally gang-raped and later lost her life.
Entertainment This Legendary Superstar Was Paid Rs 51 Only For His First Film

This Legendary Superstar Was Paid Rs 51 Only For His First Film

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The legendary superstar of Bollywood, Dharmendra who has given a number of superhit films in his film career has something very interesting in his vault. How he got his first film offer is a tale every Bollywood fan should know. When for the first time he came to Mumbai, he used to stay at his sister’s home. She wasn’t her real sister. So he used to spend most of the time with his friends only.

One day he told that he got an opportunity to meet a producer. There were three people who took Dharmendra’s interview. He impressed them with his acting. The first person said, ‘the boy seems fit for the role‘, the second said, ‘he is a diamond’, third said, ‘that too of worth lakhs’.

The first one again uttered, ‘then sign a contract and give him a signing amount of Rs 1 thousand’. The second person interrupted, ‘what Rs 1001? I think Rs 501 are enough’. The third person then said, ‘Amount Rs 501 is also more give him Rs 101 as a signing amount and sort the matter’. The first said, ‘ok take out the money’, the second said, ‘I don’t have such amount right now with me’. Third directed, ‘ok let’s contribute the money we all three have this time and give that sum to him’. The total amount they three had was Rs 51 only.

Now, it may sound insane and completely untrue, considering the crazy amount stars are paid these days but when Dharmendra first joined the film indutsry, his salary was the meagre sum of Rs. 51 only! He got this for his first film Dil Bhi Tera, Hum Bhi Tere (1960).

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