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Dhinchak Pooja Coronavirus Song, Going Viral

Arpita Mackelvy



Dhinchak Pooja who is an Indian you tuber, has released her new song ‘Hoga Na Corona’ on CoronaVirus on YouTube. People has given weired reaction after hearing this song .They are posting foolish comments for this video.

Dhinchak Pooja has again grabbed attention on social media. She shared a new video song. This time she has composed a song on the CoronaVirus. Her new song ‘Hoga Na Corona’is out on Coronavirus on YouTube.We can see her in this video giving a message to avoid coronavirus and to make people aware of this virus. Moreover her song is trending top on YouTube. People have gone crazy after hearing this song. And this is how they have given their reactions on Twitter. 

Pooja’s Song on Coronavirus is becoming quite viral …And you wont believe it, was viewed more than 19 lakh times on YouTube. Watch the video below:

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