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Did We Miss Kajol Style Durga Puja?

Did We Miss Kajol Style Durga Puja?

Dolly Bhardwaj

Navratri might be over! Durga Puja might be over but internet is still not over from the fever of Kajol. Did we miss Kajol Style Durga Puja ? I think yes, we did! Nevermind! We got pictures of Kajol here floating on all social media platforms which show how Kajol celebrated her Durga Ashtami with her family.

Meet The Epitome Of Beauty!

Kajol’s beautiful sarees, her Bangla attire, her maang sindoor and her gajra is making everyone scream Wow! Extremely perfect example of matching colors and jewellery, Kajol styled herself amazingly for the festive time.

Let Us See Her Photos!

If you guys want any idea for dressing up like an Indian goddess, here are the ideas. Look at the photos to know how Kajol Celebrated her Durga Pooja with her mother Tanuja, sister Tanisha, cousins Rani and Aayaan Mukherjee and Karan Johar.

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These pictures show how celebrities are just like us! They too love to celebrate with their people and have fun! As of now, Kajol and her photos have broken the internet even after the Navratri are over. She has got that hype though!

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