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Trending Did You Know This Bollywood Actress Was Gangraped in 1977?

Did You Know This Bollywood Actress Was Gangraped in 1977?

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Sheila Ray was a model, struggling actress and a socialite. She was a wife of famous actor Sudhir who worked in films like Satte pe Satta and Baadshah. Seila had an extra-marital affair with ace director Mahesh Bhatt. In 1977, one news shocked the Bollywood. Then her son Ashok Banker who is now 53 was 12 years old.

On an ill-fated morning when Ashok opened the door he found his mother all fainted in an objectionable situation. Sheila was gang-raped by four men for the whole night and was thrown by them outside her place in the morning.

The watchman took her inside the house. Ashok after watching all this hugged his mother tightly and started crying. Sheila never complained in the police station about the crime happened to her. In the year 1990 at the age of 44, she died. Ashok is Sheila and her husband Sudhir’s only child.

Ashok Banker

What happened to Sheila that night?

Sheila was sexually assaulted and abused by four men in the building Usha Kiran. In this building famous stars and business tycoons used to live. In one of the flats of the building, Sheila was caught after a party by four men, they gave her continuous drug doses. And then they raped her. In four of them, one was a photographer who clicked the photos of gangrape.

According to Sheila’s son Ashok, after this gangrape, people started avoiding his mother. Things went worse when one of the accused photographers started blackmailing his mother. His mother’s pain was increasing day by day due to the behaviour of people and family members. Her husband also abandoned her. Everyone cut contacts with her till she died. Not even her husband Sudhir came to her funeral. Sudhir also died in 2014.

Had an affair with Mahesh Bhatt

Sheila had an extra-marital affair with director Mahesh Bhatt. She also got pregnant then Mahesh Bhatt forced her to abort a child in the 7th month of the pregnancy. Sheila’s grandmother was a nurse. She organized the abortion, but due to the advanced stage of pregnancy, the child was taken out alive through the surgery.

The child was handover to a fisherman and his wife who lived in Bandra. After that nobody knows where the family got vanished. However, after Mahesh Bhatt mired in this controversy he spoke up and said that he was not the child of the father and is ready to have a DNA test!

The tragedy is the actress who had such a heart-wrenching story had no photo on the Internet.

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