Entertainment Bollywood Actors Also Eat Like Us! Know Which Actor's Diet is as Same as Yours!

Actors Also Eat Like Us! Know Which Actor’s Diet is as Same as Yours!


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In our country, vegetarian food has its own significance. However, being a democratic country and diverse in religion in India there is no restriction on anyone, anyone can eat freely whatever they can – veg or nonveg. Even then in our country, pure veg food is considered as piuos and pure. But do you know what type of food our Bollywood stars eat as their regular diet? Read out the text below:

1) Katrina Kaif

She eats eggs and omlette in her breakfast. Apart from that, she also like oatmeal. In the lunch, Katrina takes grilled chicken, salad, boiled vegetables and in dinner she takes soup and salad. For glowing skin, she also takes acci berry supllements.

2) Alia Bhatt

She eats a very simple food. She takes 1 bowl Poha in breaksfast with some vegetables. She also eats idli Sambhar and fruits in-between. In the lunch, she takes cooked vegetables, Chappatis and Dal. In the dinner she takes Chicken, Dal, Chappatis, veggies and Rice.

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3) Deepika Padukone

The hottest and the highest-paid actress of the Bollywood takes low-fat milk with an egg in the morning. In the lunch she takes South Indian food. Apart from that she eats salad, almonds, walnuts, fruits and fresh juice.

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4) Akshay Kumar

The fit and hot Akshay Kumar takes a glass of milk and have paranthas in the morning. Apart from that, he also take fruits and dry fruits. In the lunch, he takes a balanced diet including Dal, veggies, brown rice and curd. In the dinner, he takes soup and veggies.

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5) Ranbir Kapoor

The heartthrob of the Bollywood takes eggs, banana, juice protein shake and almonds in the breakfast. In the lunch he takes dal, chappatis, Tandoori chicken and curd. In the dinner he takes grilled fish or chicken.

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