High Life Food Dieting Mistakes We Are All Guilty Of Making Without Knowing

Dieting Mistakes We Are All Guilty Of Making Without Knowing

Most of us go for Dieting who desperately want to shed off that extra pounds gained due to sitting long hours at work and not being able to find the time to work our way through weightloss by exercise. While actually dieting does not mean eating less or depriving your body of the food, also it does not mean completely changing your meals. Before you go on a diet for this festive season add these silly Dieting mistakes we are all guilty of making without knowing, to your Not-To-Do list.

1. Staying away from Carbs


Carbohydrates actually stifle the urge to eat more therfore, completing striking off carbs from your meals is not he smartest thing you’ve been doing as it will only have you eating more.

2. Consuming excess of Protein


Yes! Agreed! Having protein builds up your muscles but consuming it in way more quantity than required will only have it stored in your body as fat. Moderation is the key!

3. Relying completely on Fruits and Nuts

fruits and nuts

Fruits and nuts are healthy but having these too in large amounts can cause your body more harm than good. Many Fruits and nuts contain high amounts of sugars and fat. It does make you feel full but it adds more to your body weightas well.

4. Skipping Breakfast


This is definitely a blunder we might have been committing in the name of dieting. Skipping any meal is never healthy especially Breakfast as its the first meal yu consume after a long break from the night. An ideally healthy breakfast must contain these three elements- carbs, fibre and sugar.

5. Replacing Food with protein bars


While many commercialised brands produce protein bars as a subsitute for food they are what we call ‘fake’ food as they contain large aounts of sugar, corn and a great deal of preservatives and other processed stuff.

6. A Salad for every meal? Not such a Good Idea!


Going for a bowl of green veggies and salad for almoste very meal may not be a great idea as they lack in carbs. A bowl of healthy soup or a sandwich or even a bowl of brwn rice or lentils now and then, instead will serve a healthier option.

7. Not Snacking

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Now snacking here is not what you think! But yes having something to nibble on after every hour or so will keep your metabolism running and keep you energetic. A bowl of sprouts every three to four hours is best to snack on.

8. No Substitute for water


HAve as much water as you possibly can. A good 3-4 litres of water in a day will keep your digestion healthy and make your skin glow. It also helps you mainain your diet cutting almost 90 calories from your diet.

9. Having Dinner much too early


Having dinner early will only be beneficial for your health if you’re going to sleep early as well. If not then your body will demand food to go on till late at night. You must never go to bed with your tummy rumbling for food.

10. Staying up Late at night- in short, being a Night Owl.


Staying up very late at night or sleep deprivation will only make you feel tired making you eat more. Instagram and facebook posts keeping you up at night are being your weightloss woes. Sleeping atleast 7-8 hours is essential for your body to function optimally. Lack of sleep will only slow down metabolism and cause hormonal changes in body.

11. Having bevarages in place of Meals


Now that’s not smart at all is it? No amount of green tea, skimmed milk or tea or coffee can subtitute a meal. It surely won’t help you lose weight or worse even make you gain some weight.

12. Not managing proportions


Portion control is an important element in dieting. Eating large proportions of low fat food where a low fat food might not necessarily mean lesser calories. Better way is to have a
low calorie salad before lunch and dinner to reduce your appetite.

And now that we know all about dieting and the silly mistakes forbidding the results to show, let’s begin ur fitness and dieting regime..sometime…sooon! :P

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