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Ever Wondered Why We Look Perfect In Front Of The Mirror But Not In Selfies? Which Lies, Find Out!

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Whenever we are all set to hang out with friends or before going to parties, the first thing we do is a makeover. We dress well, we do makeup and then look into the mirror and the person you see in front of you is the smartest and beautiful of all. But then when you click a selfie of yours, Ouch! You find that you are not looking as good as you look in the mirror.


You will get surprised when you look in the mirror and take the selfie because if you feel entirely correct in front of the mirror and if at the same time you will click your photograph then you will notice a huge difference in both of them. You will see you look good in the mirror but not in selfies. Why is it so? How can be the same person looks significantly different in the mirror and the camera? The below reasons will help you get out from this dilemma somehow!

The reason is when you see yourself in front of the mirror, you will feel that you are addicted to watching yourself inversely in front of it. Every time you see the mirror you feel the same image of yours whether that is real or not. You feel that your opposite face is correct, but in reality, your face is not inverted.

In the mirror, you get used to of watching yourself like this. And hence we become habitual of seeing our facial imperfections like this in the mirror no matter these are not good but you will never notice them in the mirror.

So how does it look different in the photos?

Did you know a selfie is an unflipped version of our face? We get used to watching our look like we see in the mirror, and our image in selfie makes it some odd and unusual for us. But in actual our photograph does not lie and our mirror lies.

People if you really want to find out lackings in your face, then you must trust your photograph and not the mirror. Your camera will never lie about your looks. Hence, it is one of the reasons that you will find many people saying that they don’t like clicking their photographs. And they prefer their photo when it gets edited.

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