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High Life Different Dressing Styles For Short Height Girls Which They Should Definitely Try!

Different Dressing Styles For Short Height Girls Which They Should Definitely Try!

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Humans love dressing, especially girls, who may have or may not have time for anything but always take hours on makeup. Now what can be the most embarrassing thing even after you try your best to dress up? I think someone disliking your looks. Well, that usually happens with short height girls. Though, their dressing is not the problem it is just their height which makes those dresses look like that the girl is floating in them. Therefore, to solve this great issue here we present you the list of some different dressing styles for short height girls:

1. Say goodbye to horizontal striped clothes

Wear Vertically Striped Clothes

Horizontal striped clothes give the impression of increased width and increased width in comparison to height reflects short height, therefore instead of horizontal striped clothes wear vertical stripped which will give the looks of increased height only in addition to your beauty.

2. Wear high heels

Different Dressing Styles For Short Height Girls

Yes, this old tip for increasing height still works. Heels are an excellent object to arterially increase your height.

Fun Fact: High Heels were actually invented for short heighted gentlemen not women.

3. Keep Long Hair

Different Dressing Styles For Short Height Girls

Although each and every girl is free to keep the hairstyle she wants but it is nice suggestion to keep long hair as long shinning hair adds an additional effect to your height, moreover, keeping your hair smooth and silky also does the same effect.

4. Forget loose fitted pants and denims

Different Dressing Styles For Short Height Girls

Loose fitted pants may look good for a causal look and support almost each and every function, but they also sometimes eat up your height. Therefore, one should always wear fitted pants which make you look skinner and taller only.

5. Wear properly tailored clothes

Different Dressing Styles For Short Height Girls

Sometimes the additional loose attachments of your clothes like laces and meshes also steal your height and just like loose hanging pants, loose fitted clothes also make you look shorter. Always wear proper tailored clothes with fewer accessories to correct this error and feel taller again.

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