Since the fairytales and all those romantic love stories we have all heard about the magic of a Kiss! And also a kiss can tell alot about the kind of feelings your partner has for you and the bond that you two share. But how does a kiss tell that? Time to figure out!

The Wet French Kiss


The slurpy french kiss tells you that you have reached a phase where you two passionately involved with each other and you’re definitely on a high road if its about taking your relationship to the next stage.

Light Peck on the Cheek


While this cute kiss is often thought of as a friendzoning gesture but it has alot to it than meets the eye. When someone gives you a peck on the cheek it means that the person thinks of you as someone close to their heart and is a mindless cute ‘out of love’ gesture for a close one.

The Smooch


Also known as the High-School’ or ‘Young Love’ kiss, it is the one that kicks off the initial sparks in every relationship. Though Smooch generally lasts for a short time but yes if you two smooch often then your relationship is sure to go on for a longer period of time.

Passionate Lip-Lock


Lip-Lock is the first step to intimacy and it tells that you are likely to explore things further. It is like a test your body put you through to know how deeply involved you would be with the person and so it has to be a perfect one.

Kiss On the Forehead


If someone kisses you on the forehead more than once then you must know that the person has genuine feelings for you. Its almost like saying ‘I Love You’ with a kiss.

Drumroll Kiss

Ever experienced that amazing moment when your lips are about to touch your partner’s and there’s that charge building up and your body feels it everywhere. It is one of the most erotic moment one can experience.

Eskimo Kiss


One of the cutest and the loveliest gestures, an eskimo kiss is the one which you do with your nose and not your lips. When two people stand close and rub their noses together, its called and eskimo kiss. this kiss tells that you’re really comfortable with your partner and your relationship is not the stereotypical one but unique and amazing in its own way.

Time to go and give your partner a kiss! Go run!  😉

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