Salman Khan Already Shot The Grand Premiere Of Big Boss-14

Salman Khan, the host of the show has shot the grand premiere. This time the contestants will enter directly.
High Life Different Life Stages When We Miss Our Teachers Pretty Awkwardly

Different Life Stages When We Miss Our Teachers Pretty Awkwardly

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On this Teachers Day let’s analyze as to why having a great teacher is important in life, without a teacher we cannot develop ourselves to a better human being ! Teachers teach us how to write, learn and discipline which is very significant in our life. We all miss our teacher’s but there are some special moments in life when that happens ! Let’s recall those precious and satisfying moment !!

When You Pass By Your School

When You Pass By Your School
Credit : Keep On

Taking the same route today, where your school was you miss school !  The moment you pass by your school is the time when you remember your teacher’s. Even those teacher’s who you never liked.

When You Meet Your School Friends

when you meet your old frineds
Credit : Buzz feed

Whenever like whenever you meet your old school friends the conversation is incomplete without mentioning or talking about all your teacher’s whether you share an incident or joke about them ! But you always miss your teacher’s when you meet your school friends.

When Someone Asks You “From Where You Did Your Schooling ?”

i love it
Credit : Odeyssey

This moment comes almost in everybody life, whenever you meet someone new they always ask about your schooling and you start missing your teacher and school days you keep on blabbing about your teacher as you get emotional ! Oh..poor you !

When You Have Your School Reunion

ross from friends
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When you have your school Reunion and you start talking about school, you sure miss your teacher at that time. And while talking you start crying !

On Teacher’s Day

not fair
Credit : Unzip

This is the day you miss your teacher the most ! On teachers day, everyone talking about their teachers, the whole world celebrating Teachers day it is obvious that you will miss your teacher

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