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Different Mobile Game Types That Are Trendy in India

Different Mobile Game Types That Are Trendy in India


Video games are increasingly becoming popular in India for the fun and excitement it offers to players. The games’ popularity resulted in technology’s and the industry’s expansion. Now, there are many kinds of video games is still expanding rapidly in India. One video game differs from another by its gameplay, interaction, and category. If you are interested in sport video games, download the latest cricket betting apps online. Here you can find some of the newest and latest release strategy games. 

What are the five types of video games available in India?

A video game is classified in many genres. Learn the many different kinds of video games available in India today.  With the technology fast evolving, new, enhanced as well as updated games are launched on the market regularly.


One of the more popular types of video game in India is the basic kind of game. This type of video game needs you as a player to utilize your reflex capability as well as timing during play. Video gaming based on popular action movies in India Hollywood alike at this point.

Tron: Evolution Video Game is one of the most renowned action game.  It has striking graphics with amazing neon colors as well as dark representation of the science fiction universe. The game has recreated the framework of the movie successfully to give visual satisfaction to all gamers not only in India but all over the world as well.

Another excellent example of a video game under this category which has been very popular in India for some time now and been restructured as well as improved to make it further challenging as well as interesting to video game fanatics is the Tomb Raider Legend: There are some developments made on the game control and the settings to make it more spectacular in all stages. There are many Indian players both kids and adults that are hooked by this action video game.


Adventure games take account of gameplay which utilizes features and characteristics found in an action video game. In India, The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition Review is one of the most popular ones. A design by the bright minds behind LucasArts, this fantastic game involves whimsical and wit adventure. This adventure game turned out to be a classic one due to its clever puzzles and memorable characters.

This game spans an extensive array of experiences, and not all involve fast action or war. Rather, they usually blend reflex testing as well as puzzle solving and take players to exciting and fascinating places and situations. The fact that the focus is more on entertainment as well as engagement than competition and combat, the pace is a little bit slower than that of an action game.


Due to the amazing yet simple mechanics of this game, a lot of Indian players enjoy playing various kinds of race game. The mechanics involve the gamer driving a car with the aim of winning the race. This type of game is considered as a pioneer in the video gaming industry. Lots of early videos were part of the racing genre. One popular racing game is the Burnout: Revenge that is part of the Burnout series of the game.

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The achievement of the game is of classic proportion. The game deals with revenge and destruction and certainly, winning the race.

Role Playing Games or RPGs

Role Playing Games or popularly known as RPG is a complex pastime which involves heavy storylines, journeys diverse characters as well as hours of play. A lot of phones today have the tech power or the memory capacity to handle this game, however, still, it is essential to check the technical requirements of the game before downloading as well as installing.

As you play role-playing games, you will take up the role of a character living out amazing stories which take you to excellent places as well as imaginary worlds. You will make decisions and at the same time choose actions in those realms and see as the results or outcomes unfold. Some of the popular settings include medieval to the imaginary and contemporary day realist. Some also take a page from the theme of Dungeons and Dragons. No matter what kind of game you choose to play, the role-playing genre is an exciting way of playing the character you wish for in a different setting. And this is why Indians enjoy playing this type of game.


This type of game is made to bring out the thinking as well as planning capabilities of gamers. This type includes the strategy game as well as a real-time strategy game. Some of the most popular games that fall into this category include checkers, chess, as well as a lot of classic board games.

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