High Life Different Varieties of Our Favourite Fruits Which We Never Knew About

Different Varieties of Our Favourite Fruits Which We Never Knew About

Juicy, sweet and fresh fruits, are the key to an Individual’s good health and are liked by the people of all ages. Moreover, their scientific benefits are so recognizable all over the world that no one can refuse to eat them. Where we like and eat our favourite fruits on a daily basis, there are also some good varieties of those same fruits about whom we never knew:

1. Carrots

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Different Varieties of Our Favourite Fruits Which We Never Knew About

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Carrots are red and sweet, right? Is that what you think? Then let us tell you that you are wrong and carrots are available in its own multi-colour platform. Only the difference is that white carrots are crispier, purple carrots are spicy and red carrots are sweeter.

2. Tomatoes

Different Varieties of Our Favourite Fruits Which We Never Knew About

Tomatoes are not liked by many people due to their sour taste but there used to be another variety of tomatoes which used to be very sweeter and was consumed by every person just like apples. So what did the change? The sellers thought that adding some colour to the tomatoes will boost its sales but actually, that stole its sweeter taste and only left the sour ones for us.

3. Oranges

Different Varieties of Our Favourite Fruits Which We Never Knew About

Is the color named on the fruit or the fruit named on color? This will definitely be one of the most confusing brainteaser for humans but people also don’t know about one more facts of oranges. Oranges, never used to be orange, they were yellow. The ethylene gas in which they are bathed before reaching the market patches off their yellow colour and makes them look orange.

4. The Monster Variety of Fruits

Different Varieties of Our Favourite Fruits Which We Never Knew About

Why do we only see same sized, same coloured and identical rows of fruits in each and every market? Well, maybe because their sellers think that we will not buy them if they’ll not be in a specific shape and colour but nature don’t discriminate between fruits, therefore each and every irregular shaped fruit also tastes like the regular one but still never reaches the shelves of a market.

5. Cloning 

Different Varieties of Our Favourite Fruits Which We Never Knew About

Just like tomatoes, people also want bananas, apricots and other fruits look similar and smell similar but our god gifted nature surely fights against this by a process called evolution and variation. It looks like that humans didn’t like that too and solved the problem of variation by the method of cloning. Cloning is that method in which the whole branch of a tree yielding fruits is cut and is re-grown as a whole new tree. Cloning allows this new tree to have the very shape and size of fruits which the source tree had, thus giving us the same sized and coloured fruits.

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