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High Life Leave The Same Boring Tie Knots And Be a More Attractive Version...

Leave The Same Boring Tie Knots And Be a More Attractive Version of Yourself With Captivating Collars

Hey men out there, it’s now time to focus more closely on the style options of a shirt. And you know the first thing people observe about your shirt style is your collars. Their importance is significant. It frames and flatters your face, and serves the purpose of accentuating the face and jaw frame.

No matter what style you choose, a collar affects your presentation and the so-called first impression. So choose wisely the right size and shape of your collar as it can enhance your facial features. Be it of any style (casual or formal) your collars make a deal. Hence, it is of utmost importance to take into consideration its style and shape when buying a shirt. And there are loads of different collars available from the extremely popular Mandarin collar to the classic point collar. Check them out to make a style statement.

Note: The colors mentioned with every collar style is just to provide an ease for you while purchasing your deal. You can buy these collar styles in any favorite color of your choice.

Navy Mandarin Collar Shirt

It is a banded collar without points. Basically, this collar was originated in China but has since become fashionable in western culture. Buy a shirt with Mandarin collars in navy blue color to flaunt like a stunner. This will give you an elegant semi-casual look. Pair it with chinos and loafers and the world is yours!

Maroon Tuxedo Collar Polo

If you are a more a sporty kind of person then polo t-shirt with an eye-catching tuxedo collar is your way to go. Wear this and stand out from the crowd! These classic and versatile collars inspired from a tuxedo will give a feel of both professional and casual. Pair them with the sneakers and regular jeans for an effortlessly cool attire!

Blue Shawl Collar T-shirt

These are ideal for different situations, you can dressed up or down. A wonderful way to jazz up your work wardrobe. The shawl collars are the hot trend of the season. A shawl collar combines the lapel and the regular collar into one. Inspired by the military uniform it found its way to dinner jackets, and eventually, everyday style. This exclusive shawl collar t-shirt works best when buttoned all the way up, and paired with white linen trousers and casual shoes.

Blue Placket Shirt with Contrast Collar

Get a charming yet a formal look with contrast collars. These collars are great to add personality to your look as there is a huge variety available in the market. Create an instant impression by purchasing a light blue shirt with dark blue contrast collars.

Galaxy Blue Shirt with Point Collar

Point collars are quite traditional and offer clean lines. It goes well with business suits and also with sports jackets. If you have a rounded face, this is the best collar for you.The ditsy print on the blue background casts an electric look to the beholder. The design and cut of this collar provide the illusion of length, enhancing your features and creating a more proportional look. When paired with black denim, it has all the makings of the perfect party ensemble!

These styles, however, are not limited to just men. Women who have a rather different sense of style and like to stand out can sport these collars as well. You can always find stunning kimono dress online or floral shirt online.

Hence, that was a primer on each of the most common men’s collar types and some tips on how to rock them in today’s no-holds-barred fashion world. So vary your style, try different collars and be a more attractive version of yourself.

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