On Wednesday evening PM Narendra Modi formally launched Digital India, a programme to improve digital connectivity and to use IT services to deliver various services and information to people in India. The programme is fairly exhaustive. It has a number of elements in it and a number of other smaller proposals and programmes that would roll out gradually.

Here are 6 ways the Digital India can potentially change your life.
1. No need to submit documents

18-pension-bill-IndiaInk-superJumboimage source: indiablogsnytimes
All your documents would be stored in the DigiLocker and you can share them with anyone when required.

2. No more queues to get work done

Indian voters wait in queues to cast their votes during the first phase of elections in Dibrugarh, in the northeastern state of Assam, India, Monday, April 7, 2014. Indians began voting Monday in the world's biggest election, with the opposition heading into the polls with strong momentum on promises of economic renewal. The country's 814 million eligible voters will vote in stages over the next five weeks. (AP Photo/Altaf Qadri)image source: aajkikhabar
Application forms would be filled online and signature taken digitally. Payment will be made through e-pay service of the government.

3. Internet in rural india

DSC_1063image source: businesscalltoaction
Bharat Net, a high-speed network for internet connectivity across the country. If you are in a village, you would be able to, possibly, enjoy cat videos on YouTube with a high-speed internet connection, that is if you are into cat videos.

4. Modern Post offices

2227POSimage source: indiamike
Now post offices will become multi-service kiosks. They will actually work like cyber cafes that will help people without internet connectivity to avail services.

5. Wifi everywhere

image source: webdesignermag
BSNL has decided to cover 250 locations with 2500 hotspots across the country by the end of this year.

6. Doctor’s appointments to be done online

Indian-Doctorimage source: theviralvent
Hospitals will be connected to e-services. The Online Registration System, which will allow people to pay hospital fee, seek doctor’s appointment and access other related services without visiting the hospital.

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