Dilwale had ignited alot of hopes essentially for the SRK-Kajol pair and SRK’s second flick with rohit Shetty. However, Dilwale has failed to live up to the expectations.




Dilwale is sadly, all about boring Bromance and blindingly bright colored sets, so much that you’ll possibly be needing heavily tinted glasses to protect your eyes from the glare of the bright hues.

The movie steals moments from Golmaal and Hollywood’s Love Actually and is lacking in almost every department from action choreography to screenplay, editing, production design and acting. If you’re a fan of comedy mixed with drama fitted with bits of romance, even then you may feel disappointed because it lacks every bit of drama and suspense and story.


The Plot of the Movie is about Two Brother Raj (SRK) and Veer (Varun), Raj obviously being the elder. The Two of them run a garage for modifying cars in Goa and Veer is the carefree guy while Raj is a meekily polite who has a hidden dark side to him since he used to lead a thug life under the name Kali and had an affair with a girl named Mira.

So Veer meets Ishita, his love interest and the two decide to tell their families and this is when the secret of Raj’s past life comes to the surface, and Curs start toppling defying all laws of Aeodynamics only to crash with a deafening sound.

In all of this Varun’s desperate attempt to act like Shahrukh will make you bang your head somewhere, even Johny Lever’s over the top punches seem very decent in front of him. Kajol’s role as Mira is ill-drafted but she tries to live upto it though her previously played characters on screen will bring painful memories. Shahrukh keeps the audience held together but his role is bland and is boring.

All that have been said, we advise you to not to put your eyes and ears and basically all your enses at risk to watch this movie for the sake of SRK-Kajol romance as even those moments won’t hold your mind and heart in the movie for any longer than a few seconds.

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