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Akshay Kumar’s Mother-in-law Got Embarrassed When The Towel She Wrapped Around Her Body After a Bath Slipped Down Infront of All!

Bollywood actress Dimple Kapadia turned 61 recently. She was born on June 8, 1957, in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Dimple debuted in the Bollywood just at the age of 16 with the blockbuster film Bobby. However, after this film, she married superstar Rajesh Khanna and made a distance from the cinema.

After 12 years she made a comeback with the Bollywood film Saagar. During the film shoot, something weird happened that made Dimple feel embarrassed in front of all. There were many hot scenes in the film Saagar. During one scene of a film Dimple was shooting a bathing scene. Meanwhile, her towel that she wrapped around her naked body slipped down. This made her embarrassed in front of all.

Dimple did debut and comeback film with Rishi Kapoor. A topless scene of a film also grabbed the headlines at that time. She gave many bold scenes in the film Saagar. In the film Jaanbaaz, her intimate scene with Anil Kapoor is still one of the boldest scenes of the Bollywood.

Dimple also had an affair with already married Sunny Deol. It is said that their relationship lasted for 11 years. After that, they broke up. However, last year they both were found having hand in hand on the streets of the London.

Dimple Kapadia became a mother at 17. She has two daughters Twinkle Khanna and Rinkie Khanna. twinkle is married to superstar Akshay Kumar.

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