Kangana Ranaut Demand For Rs 2 Crore: BMC Tells The Mumbai HC To Dismiss Her Plea

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Entertainment Disastrous photoshop Fails Ever!!.. seriously People?

Disastrous photoshop Fails Ever!!.. seriously People?

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Technology is a great thing to benefit from but only if you know how! Apparently thsese people in pictures quite misunderstood the concept of editing or photoshop on the whole. Anyways, we on other hand, have got something to crack ourselves about, (not to be rude) they are totally riotous and entertaining.

1. There’s something behind you!


2. Umm maybe you forgot your other arm..oopsie!


3. Be careful with that dude!


4. Words have failed me! sorry!


5. Yeah! You’re so right..It’s got to be your worst day!


6. Please Don’t go out with those things on your belly!


7. He should really be in the next ‘Men In Black’


8.  Would You mind giving us a hand with something? Well, you definitely have a spare!photofail10

9. Whoa! Nice abs..They totally go with your face!


10. Barbie? photofail14

11. Now that’s a little too much


12. Hurry! Before your mom catches you..


13. She has got ‘some’ curvesphotofail15

14. An Extra Hole.. photoshop-fails11

15. Oh Look! they forgot to attach the model’s feet!


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