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Infotainment Here People Are Bought And Sold On Carts, Hell Like Countries For...

Here People Are Bought And Sold On Carts, Hell Like Countries For Human Trafficking

The word slave reminds us the era that exists 400-300 years ago. But experts says a maximum number of slaves in the human history exists in the 21st century. Dangerously, now the slaves exist are not only from Africa but from all over the world. This is happening through human trafficking and this business is spreading its root rapidly. The Justice Department of America issues a report every year on this. Let’s know according to this report which countries are the worst for human trafficking.
Somalia is on the top from consecutively 14 years. Reasons like civil war, natural disaster, human massacre, hunger, poverty made the people of this country the victim of human trafficking. Here people sell their children to traffickers for money.
human trafficking in somalia


The first business of the people of Libya is oil trade and the second is human trafficking. There is no government authority in Libya after the end of Colonel Gaddafi’s reign which led to these illegal things to happen openly.

North Korea

North Korea is nothing less than a hell. There exist the camps of forced labor where lakhs of people work. Also, minor girls here are forced into prostitution.


This country is the 16th poorest country in the world. This led to human trafficking business grow wildly here. In this case, Sudan is both the source and destination of human trade. Here one can easily see 10 years old children in works like stealing, robbery and prostitution.


The civil war is ongoing in Yemen from the past 50 years. The situation there is intolerant. This causes human trafficking business to take place easily there. This is an Arab country which is also called as sex tourist area.
Here people are taken to sell to Carribean countries where they push into household work or prostitution. It includes 55% adults, 26% girls, 19% children.
human trafficking in venezuala


Here human trafficking takes place under the conservation of government. Yes, you heard it right! If you are an unemployed person in Belarus, then you have to pay to the government or have to do the community work for free. This weird rule made people of Belarus indulge in human trafficking activities.


The Civil war in Syria is the main cause of human trafficking here. There exist the sex slaves in large numbers.


Here forced labor is prevailing in a full swing. 


It is the worst African country for human trafficking.
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