What! Disha Patani And Sunny Leone Share a Bikini?

Wearing the same clothes is not something new we are seeing or hearing. However, our Bollywood stars are very conscious when it comes to how they look in public. They leave no stone unturned to look unique, stylish and fresh. But what if one has done no homework and ends up imitating the other?

Imitating clothes is digestible but a bikini? Ok! not a bikini actually but a Monokini. Here’s an instance of wearing a same monokini by the two Bollywood actresses. These are none other the hot and bold actresses Disha Patani and Sunny Leone.

Recently, the rumoured girlfriend of Tiger Shroff and hottest Disha Patani shared a picture on her Instagram account, in which she can be seen wearing bright yellow monokini. She looked bold, no doubt, but the thing that caught attention is that, back then in April 2018, the former porn star and Bollywood actress Sunny Leone was also seen wearing the same yellow-coloured monokini.

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