Disha Salian’s death been termed as an accident by the CBI, says she has consumed alcohol, lost her balance and slipped from the parapet of her flat

A probe set by the investigating agency Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has come to a conclusion that the death of the celebrity/ talent manager Disha Salian was an accident. Disha’s unfortunate death in 2020 has become a controversial headline backed with speculations of suspected murder and cover up . The 28-year-old Mumbai-based manager had managed many actors both from Bollywood and television one among which is late actor Sushant Singh Rajput, who himself passed away less than a week after Disha.

Earlier there were neither any FIR or complaint registered on this case, furthermore the CBI tried to draw parallels with the unprecedented death of the Sushant’s death, involving the top agencies Enforcement Directorate and the Narcotics Control Bureau. Disha passed away on the intervening late night between June 8-9, 2020 after reportedly skidding off from the 14th floor of her residence in Malad. In cue of this when the body of the actor was found five days after BJP leader Nitish Rane have allegedly claimed that the cases are linked.

A report posted by the Economic Times quoted an anonymous CBI official saying, “Since serious allegations were levelled in the Salian matter and claims were made that the two deaths were linked, as Salian had briefly worked for Rajput, her death has been probed in detail. The investigation has revealed that Salian had been organising get-togethers at her residence in the run-up to her birthday. The party on June 8th night was part of it. However, that night, Salian, who had consumed alcohol, lost her balance and slipped from the parapet of her flat.”

The CBI official further said, “The probe hasn’t found any substance in the allegations levelled by Rane that Salian was assaulted and had approached Rajput for help and that there is a larger political conspiracy at play. It was necessary to probe the circumstances owing to the sensitive nature of the case and the nature of allegations.”

The CBI is still investigating the case of the actor which has been stated as a suicide however no closure report has been filed yet.

Source Hindustan Times