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Dumped Into a Garbage Bin by Biological Parents, Rescued And Adopted by Bollywood Actor Mithun Chakraborty, Now She Has Grown Up Into a Diva!

Some stories of real life really melt our hearts to the core. Rag to rich or rich to rag stories really make us believe that anything can happen in life just like that! In India, you may have come across the stories of dumping a female child into the garbage bin by the biological parents. Babies are the most beautiful blessings one can have in life.

However, such stories really wrench our hearts. It’s hard to trust on the humane nature of people. But with negativity, there is always a bit of positivity. There are kind-hearted souls who rescue these babies and give them a new life.

The ‘Disco Dancer’ of the Bollywood Mithun Chakraborty is one such great man, who gave a little girl her forever home. Mithun rescued a baby girl from a garbage bin and without giving a second thought brought her home. He named her Dishani and nurtured her with all the love and care in the world.

Before adopting her, Mithun was already the dad of 3 sons. Dishani the sweet little girl has always been her daddy’s darling, mother’s little girl, and her three brother’s sweet little sister.

Mithun and his family have never discriminated against Dishani and loved her with all of their hearts.

Dishani too has filled their lives with love and happiness. Now she has grown up and she looks so beautiful.

Dishani is a diva!

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