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High Life DIY Beauty Tricks For The Weekend To Look Parlour Pretty

DIY Beauty Tricks For The Weekend To Look Parlour Pretty

While we drag through the whole week by giving ourselves the minimal ME time, a weekend comes like a blessing to give ourselves some much needed self love and to amp up our beauty regime. This weekend give yourself the time for skincare to look Parlour Pretty come Monday morning.

For Your Eyes Only


Well, who wouldn’t go an extra mile for gorgeous captivating bright eyes, Right? To have get those sparkling eyes use an ice pack or used green tea bags to place on your eyes while you lay back and relax. It will constrict the blood vessels leaving your eyes bright and beautiful.


A Home Facial For Skin Brightening


Make yourself a quick facemask by whipping up either banana and honey, yogurt and lemon juice and turmeric and honey. A mix of any of these combos will brighten up a dull complexion over the week.


Bring Out Your Inner Glow


And the best p[ossible way to do that? Expensive branded creams or lotions? Nah! Get your butt off the couch and run for a mile. Sweating or perspiring will help you relase the toxins from your skin thereby bringing out your inner glow.


A Body Polish or Scrub


Try out a good body scrub or polish to exfoliate the dead skin cells to make way for smoother and tan free skin. Weekend is the perfect time to give yourself a long relaxing scrub bath.


Show Those Long Tresses Some Love


After a long week of sun, pollution and damage to your hair, weekend is perfect to show those tresses some love. Take a good nourishing hot oil and deeply yet gently massage through your scalp followed by shampooing your hair. Also you could mash up an Avacado and comb it through your hair for a deep conditioning effect.


Maximum Moisturization


How often can we make time to moisturize our skin before running off to work? Almost never! So make up for the lost moisturization during the weekend. Take a dab of really good body lotion with ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa, honey or aloe vera for their super hydrating properties.

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