DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas

DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas

Tis the season to be jolly! Gift wrapping is a long lost art . This festive season don’t throw your gifts in the usual sparkling and shiny gift papers  instead follow these easy   Do-It-Yourself’ers to give a touch of elegant and classy to your gifts.

Print your own gift paper

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Yes!!! If you have a printer, then go ahead and print your own gift paper and let your gifts do all the talking! These are very creative and pretty easy at the same time.You can say whatever you want to with these gifts.

Newspaper or comic book cover gift wrap

It might sound silly, but covering a gift with a newspaper or comic book cover or even maps would give a nice quirky touch to the gift!

source : real simple

Fresh flower

Adding a fresh flower to the gift wrap will make the gift look all the more prettier and give it a rustic feel! Any kind of flower would do – Lily,Rose,chrysanthemum,peonie,marigold etc.

source : real simple

The perfect bow

source : Pinterest

If you tie the gift with a ribbon , a bow makes or breaks the look of the gift.The bow should be big,upright and bright.Bow is nothing but a knot.

DIY chalkboard wrapping paper

It’s the easiest thing to do yet the end product is glossy and glam! just take a black sheet and cover the gift with it.Now you can doodle on it with white marker pen.

source : pinterest

Print your own tags!

You can print your own personalised gift tags.Names, personalised wishes or even family photos- Gift tags can include any of above!

source : pinterest

The calender idea

source : real simple

Enlarge a calender , print it , and wrap the gift with it , highlighting the special date.The same can be done with a jumble of words printed and the name of person recieving the gift can be highlighted with a marker!How creative!

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