Why Scientists Planned To Keep Seeds, Sperm, Eggs And DNA Below The Moon Surface?

In the Bible, Noah saves animals of different species from the cataclysm by filling them in their box. Now scientists are also thinking of doing something similar. They want 67 lakh seeds, sperm, eggs and DNA to be stored in a safe box below the lunar surface. Some scientists of the University of Arizona have placed this plan in front of the Electrical and Electronics Engineers Aerospace Corporation.

DNA on Moon

Jaker Thanga, author of the research paper and mechanical engineer, says that the natural environment of the Earth constantly changes. Life on Earth can end by a major disaster like a volcano or a nuclear bomb. In such a situation neither plants nor any living organisms will survive on the earth. In such a situation, life can be protected once again with the help of boxes placed below the surface of the moon.

Thanga and his team also gave complete information about this plan. In a research paper titled “Lunar Pits and Lava Tubes for a Modern Ark”, he told that he would make a box below the surface of the moon. It will be placed in ‘lunar pits’ about 80 to 100 meters below the lunar surface. He also informed that apart from the danger of the comet hitting the moon, there are plans to keep it below the surface keeping in mind the large fluctuations in temperature. A special place will also be made to cover the distance from the surface to the box.

DNA on Moon

Samples will be kept at very low temperatures

Within this vault, samples of millions of living species will be kept at extremely low temperatures. It is planned to keep the seeds at a temperature of -292 ° F. Similarly, it will be necessary to maintain a temperature of -320 ° F for stem cells. To provide power to this vault, 2,055 square feet of solar panel will be installed.

The biggest question about this planning is how 67 lakh samples of these seeds, sperm, eggs and DNA will be collected and transported to the moon. But you do not need to worry about it either. These scientists also have a plan for this.

How will these samples reach the moon

Thanga said that it can be delivered to the moon at a low cost. For this, 250 rocket launches will be required. To understand this, let us tell you that 40 rocket launches were required to prepare the International Space Station (ISS) located in space. He says that it is not a big deal. We ourselves are surprised by this.

This idea may not be very big, but Thanga believes that the planning that he has done should be on priority for humanity. A report has stated that about 75,000 years ago, Toba Supervolcano came. It only took about 1,000 years to cool down. The footprint of humans is the highest on earth. In such a situation, if the species of humans ends, then its very bad effect will be seen.

Is the Earth moving towards a giant disaster

Thanga believes that the Earth is moving towards some very big disaster. He has given many other reasons behind this including human activities. Many of these speed methods have not been developed even in humans. In the last decade itself, no matter how many species have come down, they are now on the verge of extinction.

Gene bank is already present on earth

You will be surprised to know that humans have already prepared a ‘gene bank’ on the earth. The Svalbard Global Seed Vault has been built in Spitsbergen, Norway Island. This region comes under the purview of the Arctic Circle. It has 9,92,000 unique samples. About 500 seeds of plants have been kept in each sample. However, it is believed that this will not be sufficient for the situation after a global disaster.

One reason for this is also that Svalbard Global Seed Vault will not be safe in the event of temperature and sea level rise. In 2017 itself, due to an ice melt, there was a flood-like situation near the vault. In addition, the temperature in Longbairn, the capital of Svalbard, is rising faster than anywhere else on Earth.

The reasons why Thanga and his team want to secure life on the moon are surprising. Their concern is that due to the situation like social collapse, environmental disaster, the earth can be destroyed. However, some people from Thanga’s team are seeing this as an expectation for humanity.

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