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High Life Do Bodybuilders Get More Sex from Hot Girls?

Do Bodybuilders Get More Sex from Hot Girls?

There are speculations that the average public accepts the muscular people more than the other ones. But today, we especially talk about girls, what they like? A broad chest, strong shoulders and buff arms make women feel protected and secure. The question which everyone asks is,

“Do Bodybuilders Get More Sex from Hot Girls?”

  1. There is a difference between broad shoulders and colossal monstrous shoulders. Broad shoulders on a guy are an absolute turn-on but monstrous look a little bit creepy.
  2. Obsessing about your appearance and asking your lady if you’re big enough is not attractive.
  3. Toned arms and a taut chest are delicious to touch, but the vein-y skin is not.
  4. All women are more attracted to muscle because it signals testosterone (the male sexual hormone).

Do Bodybuilders Get More Sex from Hot Girls

Author’s take: Men who carry clearly more muscle mass than the average are more like than the other ones. I don’t mean some extreme steroid using monsters, but people who take their training and diets seriously and dedicate a lot of time to their sport. 

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