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High Life Do Bodybuilders Get More Sex from Hot Girls?

Do Bodybuilders Get More Sex from Hot Girls?

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There are speculations that the average public accepts the muscular people more than the other ones. But today, we especially talk about girls, what they like? A broad chest, strong shoulders and buff arms make women feel protected and secure. The question which everyone asks is,

“Do Bodybuilders Get More Sex from Hot Girls?”

  1. There is a difference between broad shoulders and colossal monstrous shoulders. Broad shoulders on a guy are an absolute turn-on but monstrous look a little bit creepy.
  2. Obsessing about your appearance and asking your lady if you’re big enough is not attractive.
  3. Toned arms and a taut chest are delicious to touch, but the vein-y skin is not.
  4. All women are more attracted to muscle because it signals testosterone (the male sexual hormone).

Do Bodybuilders Get More Sex from Hot Girls

Author’s take: Men who carry clearly more muscle mass than the average are more like than the other ones. I don’t mean some extreme steroid using monsters, but people who take their training and diets seriously and dedicate a lot of time to their sport. 

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