High Life Do Not Miss These Amazing Firecrackers On This Diwali

Do Not Miss These Amazing Firecrackers On This Diwali

What is the most fun thing about Diwali? obviously, we get to light firecrackers. Yes, this is the most amazing and enjoyable thing to do during the festival of lights. With the development in the country, tax increments, fashion, rise in the price of everything from sweets to clothes, and especially firecrackers.

The rate and different types of firecrackers are available in the market. No cracker is less than a hundred bugs. In this situation what about the poor? There is no Diwali for them! The country is developing but it is not taking every section of society with it, that is the saddest part of progress.

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Do not worry as the least we all can do is enjoy seeing and hear the extremely lovable sounds of our favorite crackers.

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Here is a list of all the firecrackers which are available in the market near you :

Anar  : The Triangle Shaped Cracker

Anar , as they are popularly called are also known as fountains or flower pots. Anar’s are loved because of the beautiful colored spark  which comes from them upwards. There are various types of Anar.


  • Flower Pots Big
  • Crackling King
  • The Great Splendor
  • Mini Fountain Red
  • Mini Fountain Gold

Chakra or Charkha or Ground Spinner!


This is the most loved firecracker among the kids. These colorful spinning fireworks shoot out colorful sparks and flames. The Charka comes in various sizes and types. For example, you can buy an ordinary ground charkha or the big red and green charkha.



The most popular Diwali fireworks of all time. Almost every Indian has moved the phuljhari in the darkness of the evening to create dazzling shapes.  The sparklers, commonly known as phuljhari is a small handheld metal stick coated with chemical solution (gun powder and sparklers), which emits colourful sparks.

Rockets and Akash Ganga


Rockets have always been associated with the Diwali celebrations. They reach up to the sky and  blast. The other variant of Rocket, the Akash Ganga or Akash Tara is the most sparkling form of Rockets. These are also known as Comets or Parachutes.

These Akash Tara or Parachutes launches a canister high into the air, which bursts into one or two parachutes. There is multiple shot Akash Taras which releases more than 100 colored parachutes, which gives an image of Akash Ganga (Milky Way Galaxy). These are also the costliest Diwali firecrackers.



Ladi is a string of firecracker fused together. The real fun  is to crack them all together.

Electric Firecrackers


Electric Patakhas are also crackers did you know ? Yes, you can buy Electric Fireworks & Crackers and celebrate electrifying Diwali this season. The electric crackers produce loud sound and are pollution-free

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