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High Life Do Opposites Really Attract Each Other - Science Explains Where This Theory...

Do Opposites Really Attract Each Other – Science Explains Where This Theory Goes Wrong

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Picking a romantic novel from the shelf of my library – from classics like Pride and Prejudice to the modern book of Nicholas Sparks ‘A Walk To Remember’. Both the books penned down by different authors in different eras of time, try to throw some light on the fact that Opposites Attract Each Other!!

There are many more plots and stories spun around this central idea of opposites-attract. Either the guy or the girl, is way too outgoing and talkative but tends to get stuck in love with a person who is the master of expressing in minimum words.

Come out of this world of fantasies because science has yet again come with an explaination that opposites-attract theory, works only in a magnet!! Extending this theory to the human emotions has failed to provide the desired results.

Ever wondered what gets you hanging with a person? Why your best friend is your best friend and not someone else?


Answer is simple- because you guys seem to have same area of interest! Be it having a common family background, a common favourite celebrity to adore or maybe a common person to hate!! All your ties and bonds are spun around the fact that how much can you realate with your partner.


University Of Kansas and Wellesley have proved that their is no claim to the authenticity of the phrase – “Opposites attract each other”. Rather the reverse of this has been found to be true. Be it striking a conversation with a stranger or going on a date with the person your friend recommended – studies show that it is the people with same interests and talents that catch up sooner and tend to embark a long lasting bond.

At the end, chords of connection can be stuck from any side, anywhere. Just see where you feel comfortable and then let yourself free to where the destiny takes you!!

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