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High Life Do Pornstars Really Enjoy Sex?

Do Pornstars Really Enjoy Sex?

Enjoying sexual intimacy is the most important thing when it comes to mind-blowing sex. But what about Pornstars? Do they actually enjoy sex? Being totally naked and practicing intercourse with a scene partner who might be a complete stranger. What’s the fun of this? We have a data which has been assembled by Justin J. Lehmiller, a social psychologist who focuses on sex and relationships which reveals some shocking facts.

2013 Survey (Pornstar Rated How Much They Enjoy Sex)

Do Pornstars Actually Enjoy Sex?

From 0 to 10 rating,  69 percent of the 177 porn actresses surveyed selected 10 and only 2 percent selected five or less. That means more than an average number of pornstars actually enjoy sex.

People have a different opinion on this question.

“The cliche is that hard-core is harder on men physically and harder on women psychologically. The reality of porn sex is far different from what viewers imagine. Although male actors must reach a climax, known as the “money shot,” women can and usually do, fake orgasms”, writes the Los Angeles Times, February 17, 1991, page 8, in their article “Demand Is Strong, but Police Crackdowns and a Saturated Market Spell Trouble for One of L.A.’s Biggest Businesses”

Pornstars Have Sex At Inconvenient Locations

Do Pornstars Actually Enjoy Sex?
Source: Daily Star

Pornstars have sex at a kitchen table or outdoors having unsuitable temperature and also inconvenient positions. Former pornstar Tracey Adams once said: ”

“you get to have sex with great looking guys who are very adept at getting a woman off, but the bottom line is the money. For me, porn was just another physical thing I did. In this business, you’re forced to be intimate with people who you might not be intimate within your private life.”

So if we look at the study, it clearly shows that Pornstars actually enjoy sex but of course some have different individual opinions.

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