Shark map

Shark finds its own way

Recent research has revealed that sharks can use the Earth’s magnetic field like GPS navigators to find their way. This research is published in Current Biology.

Technology like GPS

The giant creature is able to travel thousands of kilometers and return to the same place using technology like shark GPS, because the earth’s magnetic fields keep them constantly aware of which way they are going and in the same way Returns to its original place.

Shark knows his house

Keller used sharks found in the Gulf of Mexico for research. Researchers researched members of the small family of bonnet head species of sharks and found that they return to the same mouth of the river every year. “It shows that the shark knows where the ‘home’ is and can navigate back to it from a far away place,” says Keller.

Help in hunting with electric waves

Sharks also use electric waves for hunting. All of these factors led scientists to believe that sharks – such as sea turtles and some other species – could gather information about the exact path using the Earth’s magnetic field.

How does a shark decide the exact way

The giant sea shark decides its path perfectly. Brian Keller, the lead author of the research, says that the decades-old theory proves how this organism travels long distances and swims back on its original point by returning to its original point.

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