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High Life Do Vish Kanyas or Poison Girls Really Exist?

Do Vish Kanyas or Poison Girls Really Exist?

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From Mauryan reign to search operation at rape convicted Gurmeet Ram Rahim’ Dera, the existence of Vish Kanyas or poison girls has emerged mysteriously. Recently during the search operation at Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s Dera the concept of Vish Kanyas became the talk of the town. It is said that these poison girls used to trap innocent girls and brought them to Baba. But in actual the truth is beyond that, hidden somewhere in the history of India.

The existence of Vish Kanyas is not something new. It is also mentioned in many ancient and holy books like ‘Kathasaritasagar’, ‘Protarakshas’, ‘Kalkipuran’. The practice of making girls poisonous has been going on for centuries, though they were used for different reasons in every period. However, it is certain that the concept of Vishakanya always results in harm.

Concept of Vish Kanyas during Mauryan Period

The great literary composition, Mudrarakshasa, written during the Chandragupta Maurya period (321-185 BCE) mentions that Visha Kanyas were prepared for the protection of the Nagarvadhus on the orders of the kings. These Nagarvadhus were actually the royal prostitutes, which fulfilled the sexual demands of the kings. A lot of Chanakya’s Artha Shastra deals with herbs and use of chemicals in warfare. Astrology talks of a Vish Kanya Dosha which did not give the couple a happy wedded life. These girls were promised an early widowhood if they were married (Again, could be a superstition). These girls were recruited by Kings and Ministers to kill the enemies.

Here are two theories about the Vish Kanyas from ancient times:

Theory number one claims:

The girls were trained for a combination of drugs that included, heightened susceptibility to Alcohol, Drugs and tobacco. Food abuse, anorexia and other over reactive states. The poison was injected to their bodies slowly but on daily basis. And finally, they became a powerhouse of poison. More surprsingly, one can’t develop sexual relations with these women as they deemed to be fatal.

Theory number two claims:

The theory number two beyond our imagination. Owing to the nature of Sexual Diseases and the inability to interpret sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS – these women were called Vish Kanyas. These women could have been carriers of venereal diseases with which they infected the men they made sexual relations with!

As per these theories, it seems they surely existed in the ancient time but it is difficult to say about their existence in today’s modern world!

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