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Do You Know Bobby Deol’s Beautiful Wife Earns More Than Him?

Do You Know Bobby Deol’s Beautiful Wife Earns More Than Him?


There was a time when Bobby Deol was among the big actors in Bollywood. But his film career failed to sustain long. He now does only a few films in years. But today we won’t talk about Bobby Deol but his wife.

She is very beautiful that even Bollywood actresses will bend down their knees in front of her. Her name is Tanya Deol. She is married to Bobby Deol since 1996. Tanya stays away from the show business and she is a businesswoman. She is the daughter of a big businessman Devendra Ahuja (died) and her mother is a foreigner Marlene Ahuja.

Tanya runs a business of furniture and home decoration. She has a chain of showrooms named as ‘The Good Earth’. Big Bollywood stars and renowned celebrities are Tanya’s client. Tanya’s father Devendra Ahuja was a managing director of 20th Century Finance Limited.

Tanya and Bobby are the parents of two sons Aryaman and Dharam. Their love story is very interesting. Once Bobby was hanging out with his friends at a restaurant and there he saw Tanya sitting. He fell in love with her at first sight.

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After this, Bobby stalked her and somehow found her telephone number. He called her and both decided to meet on a date in the same restaurant where Bobby saw her first. Then they fell in love instantly and decided to take their relationship to the next level and got married.

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