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Do You Know What Pakistan Airlines Rely On For Plane And Passenger’s Safety ?

PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) is relying on goat sacrifice for the safety of airplanes and passengers. Yeah ! On Sunday, PIA officials did something which turned many eyes. Sacrificing a black goat before a flight.

PIA goat sacrifice

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The sacrificing took place at the airport tarmac before an ATR-42 aircraft took off nearly a week after the French-built turboprop planes were grounded following a crash that killed 47 people.

Pakistan Airlines officials slaughtering goat before flight

“The officials sacrificed a goat yesterday as a gesture of gratitude as the ATR aircraft resumed flight operations,” a PIA official was quoted as saying by local media. The official, however, clarified that it was not a management-level decision.

PIA officials sacrificing goat before flight

The plane left for Multan, making it the first ATR-42 aircraft to be pressed into service since the start of shakedown tests on all such aircraft in the wake of the air crash near Havelian on December 7 that killed all 47 people on board, including pop singer-turned-Islamic preacher Junaid Jamshed.

Image Source : IndiaTimes

As usual, twitter had something ready for it. Here how some people tried to pun the news :

Even Pakistan Defence’s official twitter handle had something to comment :

And that must have given passengers a trustworthy assurance for the best safety standards to choose Pakistan Airlines over any other airlines !

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