Entertainment Do You Remember Eminem’s Wife, Kim? Here's How She Looks Like Now

Do You Remember Eminem’s Wife, Kim? Here’s How She Looks Like Now

Eminem’s wife, Kim has attempted suicide, went to jail and her on and off relationship with Eminem used to be the talk of the town. Kim and Eminem have known each other since childhood but faced a lot of struggles in their relationship which changed their lives.

Kim’s Earlier Life

Eminem’s Wife, Kim

Kim decided to move with Eminem when he was just 15. The fame, drug addiction, and alcohol always created problems in Eminem’s career and relationship.

Eminem’s Wife, Kim

The daughter of Kim and Eminem, Hailie was born in 1995 and after 3 years, the couple got married.

But after two years they decided to end the relationship.

This Is How Kim Looks Like Now

Eminem’s Wife, Kim

Kim had a major car accident a couple of years ago but she survived. Actually, she attempted suicide. She is living with her kids.

Image Source: Noonecares

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