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Trending Indore Doctors Reconstruct A 12-Year-Old Boy's Nose On Forehead

Indore Doctors Reconstruct A 12-Year-Old Boy’s Nose On Forehead

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INDORE: Recently a very rare plastic surgery incident took place in Indore where doctors placed a 12yr-old boy’s nose on forehead before placing it at its right place.

The name of this really stereotypical operation’s victim is Arun Patel. Arun is from an adjoining district of Ujjain. Unfortunately, when Arun was just one-month-old, his nose disappeared due the side-effects of an injection, Ashwani Dash, a leading doctor from the team which performed his surgery informed.

Indore Doctors Reconstruct A 12-Year-Old Boy's Nose On Forehead
Source: tuftsmedicalcenter

Doctor Ashwani has also informed that their team first reconstructed the boy’s nose on forehead before implanting it on the right place.The surgery took place in four phases and took complete one year to finish.

“A normal rhinoplasty was not possible on Arun’s face as his nose had almost disappeared. Therefore, we decided to perform a special plastic surgery on him, which is medically called as ‘pre-fabricated forehead flap rhinoplasty’,”  42-year-old Dr. Ashwani Dash said.

In the First Phase of the surgery, a special silicon tissue expander was placed on Arun’s forehead. With the help of some chemicals, it was made stretchable so that it does not cause any problem to Arun.

The Second Phase included the removal of a cartilage from Arun’s chest. An artificial nose was crafted out from that cartilage and placed on his forehead for three continuous months so that the blood circulation could be increased on that part.

guy with nose on forehead
Source: Bbci

In the Third Phase, the implanted nose on forehead was removed and placed in its right place, i.e., middle of a face.

In the Fourth Phase, the grown structure on Arun’s forehead was normalised.

The doctors are still taking proper precautions on Arun’s condition. Arun is a sixth standard student and as of now, is very happy to get a new nose.

I did not have the courage to look at myself in the mirror in the absence of the nose. I would always walk on roads with my head down. In school, the children used to be afraid of me and made fun of me. But, now after getting a new nose, I can face the people with self-confidence,” said Arun.

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