High Life Health Does Cycling Harm Men's Sexual Health?

Does Cycling Harm Men’s Sexual Health?

Cycling may not be harmful for the sexual health of men. It all started when a previous study created a controversy regarding men’s sexual health and cycling. But, according to a new report, benefits to cycling “far outweigh the risks” and instead provides cardiovascular benefits.

Does Cycling Harm Men's Sexual Health?

Investigator Benjamin Breyer from the University of California-San Francisco said:

“This is the largest comparative study to date, exploring the associations of cycling, bike and road characteristics with sexual and urinary function using validated questionnaires.”

Breyer further added: “Cycling provides tremendous cardiovascular benefits and is low impact on joints. We believe the health benefits enjoyed by cyclists who ride safely will far out weight health risks.”

High intensity cyclists’ had better erectile function scores

Does Cycling Harm Men's Sexual Health?

The team studied over three groups of athletes – 2,774 cyclists, 539 swimmers, and 789 runners, questioning them on urinary tract infections (UTIs), urethral strictures, genital numbness, and saddle sores.

Result: When compared to swimmers and runners, cyclists’ sexual and urinary health was comparable, although some cyclists were more prone to urethral strictures.

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