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High Life Does Masturbation Affect BodyBuilding or Muscle Growth? Here's The Answer

Does Masturbation Affect BodyBuilding or Muscle Growth? Here’s The Answer

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What is the link between bodybuilding and Masturbation? This question often worries every fitness freak or gym goers. Does Masturbation Affect BodyBuilding or Muscle Growth? According to the experts, there is no impact until you do it 3-4 hours prior to your gym session or just after your gym workout.

“Some masturbate twice in a weak, some seven days a weak,and some once in a month and it’s all normal.”

Important Facts About Your Masturbation And Muscle Building

  1. Every time you masturbate you lose 5-15 calories, selenium and B-complex vitamins.
  2. Semen is mostly water, and that is replaceable.
  3. One thing to consider is that you are taking some sort of zinc supplement to keep your testosterone level in a good.
  4. If you Wanna masturbate it should be 3-5 hours before the gym.


Masturbation in and of itself will not hinder your muscle building or fat burning efforts as long as your training and nutrition remain unchanged. Engaging in Masturbation is not going to have a negative impact on your gains.

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