News Dog Shot His Owner's Girlfriend In Florida

Dog Shot His Owner’s Girlfriend In Florida

A Florida man claimed that his pet dog shot his girlfriend in the leg while she was sleeping. Brian Murphy told Police that he let his dog, Diesel, outside after the animal woke him up and when they returned to the bedroom, the room was completely dark and Diesel walked in before him and then he saw a flash and heard a bang.

Brian’s girlfriend, Summer Miracle, had been shot in her sleep. Ina police report, Brian said he thinks “Diesel jumped up on the nightstand, where his gun was sitting, and it went off, shooting Summer in the right leg.”

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florida man claims his dog accidentally shot his girlfriend
Source: New York Daily News

Miracle told authorities that she was sleeping when the bullet struck her and therefore she doesn’t know what happened. She was taken to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

Donald Hanlon, who is the neighbor of Brian said: “Lights, sirens, big commotion — I just wanted to know what was going on. I was just weirded out by the entire street being taped off and what the crime scene unit was doing,” Hanlon said. “I was just overwhelmed by the commotion and come to find out that something like that happened.”

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