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Can You Believe That This Most Famous Celebrity of The World Forced His Daughter to Get Breast Implants?

Did you know, US president Donald Trump used to pressurize his daughter to get breast implantation. It got revealed recently when the book Born Trump: Inside America’s First Family launched. The author of the book Emily Jane wrote that Ivanka wanted to become a model since she was a teenager. For that, she used to spend 44,000 dollars (nearly Rs 29,93,980 रुपए) every year on the photoshoot.

This book reveals many secrets about Donald and his family. In the book, it is written that, Trump encouraged the passion of her daughter to become a model. He pressurized Ivanka to have breast impants so that it helps in lifting her career. The book reveals, when Donald’s sister Maryanne Trump Barry got to know about it she warned Donald that breast implants will ruin her life.

The book also reveals when Ivanka was in the college she used to smoke surreptitiously after bunking her statistics class. She made controversy in the US when she got rusticated by the school as she took drugs at a party.

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