News Revealed!! Why Donald Trump And Melania Trump Don't Hold Hands In Public?

Revealed!! Why Donald Trump And Melania Trump Don’t Hold Hands In Public?

US President Donald Trump and his first lady Melania Trump unintentionally become the most talked-about couple in the world. The strange thing about this couple is that they don’t hold hands in public very often. According to a body language expert, Patti Wood, the main reason behind it is Trump wants to be seen as a “presidential alpha.”


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Patti Wood told the Mail Online“Typically a hand-hold shows a couple as a unit,” But to me, I think he’s been saying, ‘I want to be seen as the president on my own’, which is very much alpha. ‘I want to be just the powerful me.’ And it’s clear that that’s his choice.”

donald trump and melania

“Holding hands can communicate so much about an individual and a couple, depending on the position of the hands, who reaches in first, who breaks it first.”

Wood believes the gesture reveals the power Donald has over Melania, she said, “It could have been affection if he’d cupped his hand, if he’d done it with sweetness, or if he had kissed her and done it,”

donald trump and melania

“They hold hands in private, so we know that there’s a coupleness that we weren’t seeing in public or at the inauguration,” she added.

Donald Trump and Melania got married in 2005 and she gave birth to their son Barron in 2006.

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