Donald Trump is a lucky man indeed! Yes, we are not kidding his both hands are filled with hotness! One side he has a sizzling wife Melania Trump and the other side he has the sexiest daughter Tiffany Trump. We better call it best of both worlds! However, who is more sexier is the debate of the hour. Let’s check out the hottest pictures of the most sizzling combo of mother-daughter that soars the temperature.

1) Melania Trump and Tiffany Trump on fire in a bikini!

melania trump and tiffany trump

2) Donald Trump – the lucky man got best of both worlds!

who is more hotter tiffany or melania

3) Wooo! woo! they both give a cut-to-cut competition to each other in raising the bars of hotness!

Who is more hotter melania trump or tiffany trump

4) Hotness quotient nailed by Tiffany and Melania

5) Melania Trump is indeed a hot deal! Like mother like daughter!

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