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News Donald Trump & Narendra Modi To Speak Tonight

Donald Trump & Narendra Modi To Speak Tonight

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US President Donald Trump will speak with Narendra Modi over the phone tonight. The White House said “The President speaks with Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi,”

PM Modi and President Trump will speak with each other at 1 pm according to Washington DC time, which is 11:30 pm IST.

After being sworn in as the US President, it would be Trump’s fifth call to a foreign leader. The second day of his being President, January 21, he spoke with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican Premier Pena Nieto.

Modi and trump phone talk

He spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Banjamin Netanyahu on Sunday and yesterday had a conversation Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

Prime Minister was among the first few world leaders who congratulated Donald Trump for his victory in general elections.

During his election campaign, India is among the few countries in addition to Israel with whom Trump had spoken of strengthening ties if elected to power.

Donald Trump, as the then Republican presidential nominee, praised India’s fast growing economy and Modi’s economic reforms at a charity event organised by a group calling itself the Hindu Republican Coalition.

Trump to talk with PM Modi

“Under a Trump Administration, we are going to become even better friends, in fact I would take the term better out and we would be best friends,” Mr Trump had told a cheering crowd of Indian-Americans in Edison, New Jersey.

“We are going to have a phenomenal future together,” Donald Trump had said and praised Modi for his series of economic reforms, which he said US required it too. “I look forward to working with Prime Minister Modi, India is key and a key strategic ally” he said.

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