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Infotainment Don't Freak Out But According To NASA You Might Have A New...

Don’t Freak Out But According To NASA You Might Have A New Zodiac Sign, Find Out What Is It

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People read horoscopes and some even do what they have been told by their daily analyzes according to their zodiac. But what if we told you that now, there is a new zodiac sign, and it’s called “Ophiuchus”. This time last year, it was revealed that everybody might not be  born under the star sign they might think they are because the astrological calendar has not been updated for ages and our position to the stars has completely changed.

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The zodiac was created over 2,000 years ago , and the wobbling effect of the Earth caused by the moon and sun means that  the stars have shifted their position.

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Star signs were assigned by ancient Greeks based on the consolation that was behind the sun at the time of birth, but now they could be out by as much as a month, meaning THESE are apparently the new and more accurate results. 

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So, if you are born between November 30th to December 17th congratulations you have a new zodiac sign. And everybody else check your new  signs.According to a recent NASA blog post, for people who thought they were Scorpions, the extinct Babylonians have news for you. When deciding to allocate a star sign to each month, they left out the thirteenth, because the months we have in a year are just 12. People are claiming that it’s also the reason why the traits associated with each sign are not accurate.

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