Life is ambiguous! And sure not just ours but everyone’s life is unpredictable. We are governed by the circumstances and our circumstances just have no government! We can be brought down to any part of life where we feel helpless and would want to move on–tied in the shackles of life, trying to free but still stuck with the stagnant thoughts and memories residing in our own minds!

A-life-worth-LivingJUST REMEMBER ONE DAMN THING, WE ARE THE VICTIMS OF OUR OWN MIND, NOTHING IS PERMANENT, NOT EVEN PEOPLE! Its our fault that we think of them to stay “forever” with us! No situation, nothing that belongs to us stays forever. Every single thing or being comes for their role in our life,to make us learn something we could not have learned else where.

Change-Your-Life-mission-for-michael-drug-alcohol-treatment-center-orange-countyYes, some such lessons are too beautiful to let go, some people or instances in life are the happiest for us and it feels bad to let them go! But, lets put forward the same statement again, happiness and sadness are never here to stay. We all are puppets to lives with our own destinies to be unfolded. We cannot rely on comparisons and judgements. We all are different, and we all have certain things to be learned differently. Our life has its own way of teaching things!

Trust those situations! Know that whatever happens, happens for a good reason. At the End everything connects. We suddenly are shown the meaning for all that happens to us. End, never means our end but end too is something determined by us through the passage of time, when finally we are ready to give in and move on and give our situations a chance! Remember each situation happens by chance, its us who start sticking to them!

LIFE-quotes-s1-15.jpg.pagespeed.ce.Yvr5bt3EWuIf you don’t like where you are, you are the only one who can get yourself out of that prison. Yes, help is needed, but again relying on something else always has an uncertainty attached. No one knows how sad you are and how important it is for you to set free! Its only you who knows it because you are the one facing it. Hence no one would ever try so bad as you would, to move on, move from where you are stuck!

Life is beautiful when you are free, no longer stuck to one thing and if we ever realize we never know what happens next and hence what ever we do has no meaning. Live it as it comes and live it with all the freedom, atleast you will be able to live it your way!

You are never too bound as you make yourself to be! You are never as liable as you think you are! It’s your life and only you can make it better. Don’t hand people your happiness, they will drop it everytime!

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