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Don’t Marry a Man With These 5 Habbits

Don’t Marry a Man With These 5 Habbits


He is full of excuses- If he never gives you the straight answer that why he let you down, Instead, resorts to his big book of boyfriend excuses. If he is each time making excuses that he is displaying his immaturity to you and there are good chances that he is lying. Excuses are the resort of children and you want to marry a man, not a child.

He is narrow-minded- If he is restricting you wear such clothes, to meet your male friends. So, this is the sign that he is a narrow-minded guy with obsolete thinking. Meanwhile, guys with narrow mind really frustrate a lady. Always marry an open-minded man.

He Shouts- If a man really loves you he will treat you calmly. He will be very humble towards you. But if he is shouting and disrespecting you, it means that he is not a marriage material.

He Breaks Promises- If your man usually breaks promises with you, it’s really a bad sign. It might become his habit which is not going change in years. If you still believe that man he will take you for granted.

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He Lies- Lying is really a bad thing. It’s easy to get in but hard to get out of this. If he lies to his lady than he is not a man you should get married with.

So, choose your partner very wisely its the matter of your life. Find a guy who really loves you, cares you and want you in every time and every situation.

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