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Do’s And Don’ts Of Talking About Your Sex Life




You don’t want anyone telling that your sex life is quite a private affair and it should only remain between yourself and your partner – that goes without saying.  Nonetheless, sharing certain things and particulars with your BFF or sibling isn’t a crime. But when does sharing become a case of too much information?

Here are some of the dos and don’ts when it comes to talking about your sex life and which may also help you maintain a healthy level of secrecy too.


Talk to a friend

Undoubtedly, it’s fun to share the exciting details and particulars of your marvelous sex life with your best friend. But holding back on some raunchy info-dump can prove to be beneficial for both of you, she may don’t want to know all the saucy-deets . However, if you find yourself in a difficulty of some sort that’s been bothering you then by all means, ask your friend help and counsel.

Talk to a Professional If Needed

Talking to a friend helps you feel better but that hasn’t solved your hitch then it’s time to seek professional help. Be it a physical difficulty or an emotional one, you shouldn’t feel shy or embarrassed to talk about your sex life. The doctor can help you only if you are completely transparent about the difficulty.


Talk About Your Sex Life On Social Media

When it comes to social media, it’s absolutely needless to distribute pictures of you and your partner canoodling on a beach or how you show your affections around the house. So resist from posting X-rated pictures, videos updates on social media.

Talk About It At Your Workplace

Naturally, your colleagues may be interested in how your date went or where did you go for dinner or which movie you saw, but not in your post-date mischief. Sexual conversations are frowned upon at the workplace, evidently. Things could simply be misunderstood, creating difficulties for you professionally and impolite rumors about your personality. It is always beneficial to avoid saucy phone conversations with your significant other.

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